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The INTERSEV company consist of team of followers i.e. lawyers, economists, financiers and engineers with great experience in law, financial, economy and production sphere.
The Agency consist of team of followers!
We could prepare for our investor's company:
Preparing of survey and consultants report,,
Consultations at the cooperative client's or company's level,
Developing projects of companies,
Real estate for business and personal needs, confidential management,
Consulting services for design, legalization, building reconstruction,
Consultation about Bulgarian trade law, labour law and tax legislation,
Executing of complex business projects,
Analysis, marketing, trends and reliable information,
Human resource development,
Our way of doing consultation:
1. Introduction
2. Status analyze
3. Consult
4. Support
- Personal introduction
- Discussion on the demand of the company
- Specifying of the outgoing points & kind of acting.
- Describing of the status analyze
- Short analyze of the company date
- Interview with the Management
- Visiting of the company
- Recommendation about way of doing
- Offer
- On a base of results of status analyze carry out the necessity projects
- Fix the exact aims and objectives
- Particular planning of undertakings
- Support in the applying of the suggested undertaking
- Training on the job
- Applying of the negotiated power
ca. 1 till 2 Hours
ca. 3 - 6 Hours
Depending of the volume
. and power
Free of
. charge
Fix price(Fee)
Success fee (on commission basis)